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My hope is that the UK's public service will respond to this report and create a world-class public service economy. Other governments faced with the issues described above have decided to impose structural change to deliver better public services, such as building new departments for citizen and business facing services. Although I do not favour this approach at present in the UK, I recommend that progress in other countries is kept under review and used to test the progress of our transformation. If we show signs of lagging behind then these structural change alternatives need reconsideration.

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This is the "or else" bit! Can the existing structure be adapted throught the overlaying of customer-focused cross-cutting arrangements (the Councils) or will it prove necessary to do the more radical ( Haldane again ) thinking?

Posted by Geoff Llewellyn on 2007-01-05 10:20:18.
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We always react by changing the structure (latest iteration: let's split the Home Office). How do we change the culture?

Posted by William on 2007-01-24 11:31:45.
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