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We need to continue to follow international developments and learn from other countries' experiences of creating a more responsive and integrated public service. However, the experience in the private sector indicates that organisations when faced with the choice between incremental improvement of today's business model and tomorrow's -- frequently choose today's. This reflects the ability of today's business operator to demonstrate how more resources can deliver a better result. Tomorrow's business model adherents often struggle to provide such clear evidence. Yet business history demonstrates the demise of many organisations whose adherence to today's model meant they lost touch with their customer base. If the public service is not transformed then we can anticipate much less effective and more expensive delivery and more citizens put off by the indifference to their needs. We need to remind ourselves that it is often the most vulnerable parts of society that are most put off by this.

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This is as clearly as we've ever seen the choice and the risk spelt out IMHO.

Posted by William on 2006-12-30 14:07:49.
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I agree with William's comment! It's the "cri de coeur" from anyone who's ever tried to introduce some really radical thinking in the face of the "incrementalist tendency" coupled with the risk aversion of institutions!

It also poses the questions: What is the penalty for failure of government institutions to deliver what citizens want? Is this what John Reid is visiting on the Home Office?

Posted by Geoff Llewellyn on 2007-01-05 10:16:24.
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