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87 Previous e-Government guidance recommended that pan-service activities should attract a higher impact level than single-service activities, noting the accumulated impact of al owing unauthorised changes to propagate. However, adherence to minimum standards and the drive to support client convenience and trust have led to a more homogeneous information environment, where registration requirements for different services are supported by evidence requirements that are closely related or even the same. Similarly, the implementation of HMG minimum standards has resulted in services whose service provision boundaries have similar levels of resilience for a given impact level. Further, fol owing the IS1 risk assessment method, by far the most significant source of risk to government information systems is due to external threat actors. In this case, then, there are strong arguments that a threat actor who compromises one (properly implemented) e-Government service is equal y able to compromise other such services, so that the "security through diversity" argument no longer holds.

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