Interesting that Jack Straw takes ownership of this document, but it is Michael Wills, his no:2, who has been fronting the defence in the Commons. (link)


No, it doesn't repeat itself in the PDF. (link)


stv appears to be the fairest method of election, certainly much fairer than ist past the post. (link)


Yet another broken promise by Labour. Under Blair, the Government were more concerned with grabbing power than sharing it. Will Brown be any different? (link)


In my opinion this is the main disadvantage of FPTP, and it's decisive. FPTP effectively disenfranchises voters who favour minority candidates or parties. (link)


In areas where there has always been three main party MP's, the elector feels it is not worth voting because they "always get in" (link)


..and this is surely an unwelcome distortion of the electoral system (link)


Is there any evidence to support the assumption that voters feel an affinity for their representative under FPTP?

My own view is that a great many voters have little or no awareness of the name, personality or opinions of candidates or their eventually elected representatives. Rather, they vote for a party, and are primarily influenced by the personalities of the party leaders and the second-hand opinions regarding policies that they absorb from the Media. This is particularly true for General Elections. (link)


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