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  • seizing opportunities to secure significant improvements in the capacity and capability for government to share identity management systems and to make better collective use of the government information asset to improve public service delivery (Chapter 5); and

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We agree with words like "improvement" and "better". In an ideal world we'll also agree what IS better and what constitutes an improvement. Hint: it may not necessarily be compulsory, involve biometrics, registration and fines, storage on a single central database, or annoying bits of plastic.

Posted by William on 2006-12-30 14:34:19.
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Response to hint!: Without biometrics, identity management, which Varney rightly puts centre-stage, can only be a matter of corroborating the provenance and authenticity of bits of paper and electronic records. Storage on a single database isn't actually the way that IPS is now moving, as I understand it. Bits of plastic are not essential to biometrically secured electronic identity.

The card is not logically essential to the ID scheme, but, in my opinion,most people would find it convenient and re-assuring.

Compulsion, registration and fines are what already apply to registering births, infectious diseases, owning a car, a gun, a dog, etc etc. Can't see the problem!

Posted by Geoff Llewellyn on 2007-01-05 10:47:29.
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