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The history of public services has led to departments or agencies focusing on the supply of specific products rather than taking a citizen or business-led approach. Departments' and agencies' services are all developed independently of each other. It is leaving the citizen or business to join up the public service island economy to meet their needs. For example, this review found a typical case in which a citizen needed to contact government 44 times following a bereavement.

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We can't change the history and the question now is how we change the culture. Recognising the scale of the problem, as Varney does, is surely the first step.

Posted by William on 2006-12-30 14:22:01.
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Also, I'm fed up with the "drawing b numbers" rhetoric of "joining up". It was a good phrase when Perri 6 first used it in this context, not long past the stage where it's a cliche that prevents improving our understanding. It has come to mean data sharing, when what we need is empathy, sensitivity to the needs of users in differnt circumstances, and common sense.

Posted by William on 2007-01-24 11:38:09.
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