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However, the world is changing rapidly, with new challenges emerging that must be addressed. Citizens and businesses increasingly see their time as a limited resource. They rightly demand that their interactions with public services deliver value and that problems are resolved first time. Despite the considerable strides and innovations that have been made, there is more to do to ensure the delivery of public services keeps pace with the best of private sector service delivery, particularly in the use of technology and 24-hour, seven days a week services. New technology offers the potential to facilitate collaborative working. The Transformational Government strategy has set the scene for transformation of contact with citizens and businesses, including increasing the focus on the user of public services and making the most of technological advances.

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Only a government insider could convey to me the sense of "but that was the Cabinet Office and they always make pronouncements of which people take little notice. We're the Treasury and we're serious."

Posted by William on 2007-01-24 11:35:00.
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