Total bollocks. (link)


do strongly dislike the term customer.

While you are a "customer" of the DVLA, they're a monopoly with whom you have to deal.

Rather than take the term from business, why not take it from a different service - the Police. Where the term is "victims" - people who deal with a service because they have to. (link)


I have pointed this out before, but I think it is ironic that in order to make government services 'customer-centric' we are obliged to hand over all our personal data including fingerprints. If any other business did this you'd take your custom elsewhere. Short of emigrating this isn't possible... (link)


Bollocks (link)


So rather than people going to they're going to have to go to



I wonder what will happen next. After this reorganisation has finished. Will we be invited to renew our car tax at ?

Or will a badly implemented site merely make everything equally difficult, and make easy things complex and hard things impossible?

Closing websites is great headline and maybe a good idea, but it's got to be done in away which doesn't allow for the lowest common denominator to become the highest common denominator.

Maybe the idea of a number of websites, loosely joined, is a good one. As long as you can get there from here, the route you take shouldn't matter. (link)


Is that a lot? (link)


I guess that's out of a population of 50-60,000. The 7000 signups are far fewer than read Government Computing magazine. (link)


That's why it's essential to give people what they want, and not to fob them off with what you assert they want (with little evidence), and then spin your way out of the mess that results.

Co-design + co-decision + co-creation/production + co-monitoring and feedback = co-governance

We're ready, HMG. Are you? (link)


A note on usability: there are too many hyperlinks ("Link to item", "Comments") on this page. There should be a way to organise them so that commenting and searchability are enhanced. (link)

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