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is an award-winning cross-government transformation programme with citizens as its focus. Since 2004, it has grown from 800,000 customer visits a month to over 5 million. It now involves 18 government departments and has links to services in nearly all 388 local authorities in England. It can be accessed via the internet, via digital television through Sky, ntl: and Telewest, and via mobile telephones. Independent research has shown high levels of customer satisfaction: 83 per cent of people who visit Directgov agree that it is a 'good place to start' and 80 per cent that it offers 'useful information'. Importantly, 70 per cent of people feel that it is 'a site I trust'. It is consistently rated in the top three government websites by usage as monitored by the independent service Hitwise and is now within the top 100 websites by usage in the UK.

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