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Box 7: Parts of government with information policy remits

  • The Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) advises on and regulates the operation of public sector information re-use, including the management of Crown copyright.
  • The Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (APPSI) advises ministers on information policy issues that will encourage and create opportunities for greater re-use of public sector information.
  • The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the 'digital dialogue', which is examining how central government can strengthen consultation and interaction with citizens using ICT.
  • The Department of Transport is responsible for the Science and Innovation Ministerial Committee's Data Grand Challenge on realising the benefits of (particularly real-time) data within and outside government.
  • The Better Regulation Executive is looking at information as a regulatory tool, including focus- group work and a series of case studies.
  • The Government Communications Group is analysing the government's digital and social media capability.
  • The e-Government Unit is responsible more generally for ensuring that IT supports the business transformation of government itself, so that government can provide better, more efficient public services.

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