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For statistical purposes APACS own figures show there were nearly 2.3 million plastic card fraud transactions for UK issued cards in 2006. The corresponding figures for police recorded crime for plastic card and cheque fraud for 2006/07 were just over 59,000. The process prior to 1st April 2007 involved an account holder generally notifying their financial institution in the first instance about suspected fraudulent transactions. If the account holder also notified the Police, the Police would write to the financial institution and seek confirmation of the fraud before a crime would be recorded. If the financial institution did not confirm the crime then Police would normally retain this information as an "incident" as opposed to a crime. Where the financial institution did respond the Police would make a decision in relation to which Police force should record the crime based on the location of the offence, as confirmed on the schedule of usage supplied by the financial institution. If this was different from the force that the account holder had originally reported their suspicions to, the crime would need to be transferred.

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