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Whether this should be a kite mark - a mechanism more closely associated with products rather than services - or some other mechanism must be for the industry to decide. The Government has indicated its willingness to work with the industry to promote greater consumer confidence in the contribution that ISPs can make to their online security. This work should be informed by and build on the recently announced initiative on child protection online and existing industry initiatives such as the Internet Watch Foundation and relevant work by the Internet Service Providers Association and others. It should also acknowledge the value of the work taken forward by the CSIA on establishing and giving market recognition of the veracity of claims about products and services through the Claims Testing Mark. At this stage, we see no need to commit to a regulatory underpinning of this approach. It is clear that the review of the EU regulatory framework for communications providers will address security and consumer issues in greater depth. It would be unwise to propose regulatory change before any revised requirement to meet European legislation has been clarified.

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