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The Government takes seriously all crime committed by use of the internet and agrees with the Committee that confidence in the internet is vital. However, we also feel there is an unwarranted suggestion that its only response to the problem is to regard it as a personal responsibility of the user to take necessary precautions. It is true that the user should be aware and both take precautions and behave responsibly. But this is not the only way to improve personal internet security and the Government's written and oral evidence supports the Committee's conclusion that this is a shared responsibility. It therefore welcomes many of the recommendations in the report and notes, in particular, the support for initiatives like Get Safe Online as an important route to encouraging awareness and personal responsibility, which wecontinue to believe is a key component in ensuring confidence in the internet. Legislation will be kept under review but the Government does not consider that imposing additional burdens on business is the best way forward.

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