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At the moment NUS conducts all of its elections for committees and officers at relevant Conferences- most happen at Annual Conference with some at the various Nation, Region, Liberation or Social Policy Conference (for example the President of NUS Wales is elected in Wales and the International Students' Officer at their own Conference). All of the elections are conducted via the Single Transferable Vote and it is delegates to the Conferences that are empowered to cast a vote.

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The proposals to have a so called democratic procedures committee with 12 members and only 8 of them to be elected is poorly thought out and unnecessarily undemocratic. If anything it would make more sense to keep the present structure with the addition of a conference disputes committee. The steering committee already has to much to do at conferences as it stands at the moment. There is a case for changing the structure of elections committee (purely for cost reasons).

I felt that in the consultation paper the arguments for this were very poor. The only justification for appointed members is that they would bring expert experience. What do you need to be an expert on to do the steering job: You need to be an expert on NUS conferences and who better to choose them than NUS conference itself. I accept that you would not need to be a student to do this. My solution would be to allow anyone who agrees with the aims and objects of the National union to stand for committee elections. Perhaps elections committee should consist of 5 elected members elected in even years (Rules Revision Committees 2 elected members are elected in odd years)

Posted by Keith Underhill on 2008-08-29 18:01:49.
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