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Do you have other ideas for better policy making that properly involve all our members?

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Involving all of the membership will not be possible, if the exposure to policy making remains limited to the conferences and NUS networking events.

Improving how the NUS communicates to the membership about policy throughout the year would be good start. If a student doesn't know that the organisation makes policy, are they going to care about the why/how of policy making.

Realising not all students to have to attend policy making events to have an opportunity to get feedback for the NEC or the people writing the motion.

Debating about policy does not need to be limited to voting, a good debate should stimulate new ideas along the way, not just who wins/loses

For instance, an online form that has the template for writing a motion, having the motions document in a commentable online format, minutes mailing list etc

The governance debate should be seen as an opportunity to make practical changes.

Posted by Emily Randall on 2008-08-31 16:23:40.
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