I cannot convey how heartily sick I am of US&A's inept and counterproductive foreign-policy pursuit of its narrow self interest. Of course these problems are linked. But instead of using offensive words like "offensive" why not see it in terms of three simple steps: 1. respect people 2. seek justice 3. live in peace They're not easy. They take quite a long time to filter through. (It'll be a while before the Iraqis trust you, or there is any sort of mutual respect). This shouldn't be that hard for the US elite because it's inherent in the preachings which I believe many of them listen to on a Sunday morning. What WOULD Jesus do? Hint: it probably wouldn't involve pressing buttons to unleash expensive weapons systems that kill people. Speaking of which, don't sell the damn things to us, you miserable weapons-of-mass-destruction addicts! Sod off! Read the good book and beat those swords into ploughshares. Man, I am so fed up with US foreign policy. And I will not be fingerprinted like a recidivist just to go and visit the damn place. There are plenty of other countries. (link)


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