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79 It is good practice to inform the client of any potential further use for their information in advance of submission, and in some cases explicit prior consent will be required. 80 This would particularly be the case where (a) the service provider requires a high level of confidence in the authenticity of the information provided or (b) the submission of sensitive information is required to establish a client's entitlement, which might be difficult to protect in transit from the client to the service provider but would be easier to protect across a secure delivery channel between service providers. 81 A typical example would be the requirement of a client to settle the accounts of a recently deceased family member. This would require the executor or administrator of the wil to notify some service providers of the death and to settle financial accounts with others. 82 Delegate accounts might be set up, for example, to establish and use a power of attorney or to give a group of individuals "signing" responsibility for performing specific transactions such as accountancy functions. 83 For a delegate acting on behalf of a recently deceased family member, the enrolment process may wel require the delegate to provide, for example, proof of probate.

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