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service (independent of risks to life and safety) N/A Likely to affect a single citizen C3) Inconvenience and impact on public confidence in public services May cause minor inconvenience to an individual citizen Likely to reduce an individual citizen's perception of that service (e.g. a compromise leading to the cancellation of a hospital appointment) C4) Impact on public finances N/A Likely to cause loss to the Public sector of up to 1000 C5) Impact on non-public finances Likely to have no impact or minimal impact (e.g. cost of sundries) Likely to cause minor financial loss to any party (e.g. loss of <100 for an individual or sole trader, loss of <1000 for a larger business or organisation) C6) Distress to the public N/A N/A C7) Damage to standing or reputation N/A Likely to cause embarrassment to an individual citizen or organisation C8) Local y provisioned services with an impact on the personal safety of citizens (e.g. sheltered accommodation) N/A N/A C9) Locally provisioned services with an impact on the health of citizens N/A Disruption, compromise or flawed working of a local service which could pose a risk to health C10) Locally provisioned services with no impact on health or safety of citizens Minimal impact Cancel ation of services to a small number (up to 10) of citizens (e.g. closure of a library or other facility) C) Public Services C11) Local y provisioned services in support of the Civil Contingencies Act Minimal impact Isolated or minor incident to which a Local Authority is not able to react within a few days which affects a small number of citizens D1) Communications Minimal impact Local loss of telecoms for a few hours D2) Power Minimal impact Local outages causing disruption for up to 12hours D3) Finance Minimal impact Minimal impact D4) Transport Minimal impact Minor disruption of key local transport systems for up to 12 hours D5) Water and Sewage Minimal impact Breakdown of local water supplies and/or sewage service for more than a day D6) Food and Consumables Minimal impact Local disruption to the distribution of some essential goods, raw materials, medicines and/or food for up to a week D) Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

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