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D.1.1 The table that is spread across the fol owing two pages sets out the HMG Impact Table definitions for IL0 through IL3, reproducing the segments of the Impact Table that are relevant to e-Government service provision. These definitions replace the set of four service provision levels as defined by the previous e-Government security framework. The impact levels that are assigned for e-Government services fol owing these definitions are expected to correspond roughly (but not exactly) with the original definitions (as reproduced at Annex C). D.1.2 The service characteristics for most e-Government services should be subject to an impact level between IL0 and IL3. Where IA requirements exceed these definitions, the ful impact level table covers up to IL6 and is set out within HMG IS1. D.1.3 The impact level depends on the context of the parties likely to be affected. A significant financial loss to an individual might, for example, be a minor matter to a large company. This is reflected by the definitions in the Impact Table.

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