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10.2.1 Availability attracts an impact level which is based on the impact of an authorised client not being able to transact with an e-Government service. The impact level for availability is calculated using the HMG Impact Level table presented at Annex D. 10.2.2 A smal subset of clients with uncommon circumstances may attract a different impact level for availability from the standard clients around whom the service risks and impacts have been determined.129 There wil be similar considerations for confidentiality and integrity. Such exceptions should be identified as part of the service development process and appropriate measures should be put into place to manage such exceptions. 10.2.3 The implications of e-Government service failure may vary depending on factors such as the time of year. For example, outage of an application al owing electronic submission of tax returns is likely to be much more of a problem in the week before the tax return filing deadline than at other times in the year. Such services wil attract a disproportionately high impact level for availability. This may be mitigated by having a business continuity plan which makes provision for such eventualities (for example, by enabling alternative offline means of service provision and al owing a relaxation of deadlines in the event that the service fails at an inopportune time). If such a plan were in place, then the availability impact level would be reduced accordingly. 10.2.4 When al ocating an impact level for availability, service providers must consider the effect of non-malicious service failure on the public perception of security and reliability in e-Government services.

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