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89. In accordance with the Identity Cards Act 2006, a report of the estimated costs of the National Identity Scheme was laid before Parliament on 9 October 2006(Identity Cards Act 2006: First Section 37 report to Parliament about the likely costs (presented to Parliament pursuant to Section 37 of the Identity Cards Act 2006). The report estimated the costs of issuing passports and ID cards over the coming 10 years at some 5.4 billion (excluding the cost of issuing documents to foreign nationals), much of which will be recovered from fees. We will continue to revise our estimates of the costs of implementing the Scheme as work proceeds, and will provide regular updates to Parliament; the next is scheduled for April 2007. As part of it, we will be validating the estimated costs of the work set out in this Action Plan. We will have updated the business case in the light of the approach set out in this document and will be subjecting it to independent scrutiny, including through the Office of Government Commerce Gateway process over the coming months.

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