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    • Each person will need to re-enrol once every 10 years, in much the same way as passports are currently renewed every 10 years.

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It will be absolutely nothing like the way passports are renewed every 10 years. What complete and utter bullsh*t. Sure they will change passport processes to make them more like the ID interrogation process, but there is NO (international) requirement that this be done - and no other good reason*, other than to soften people up for ID cards.

To renew my passport, I send it off in the post with a form and a cheque, and I get my new passport back a couple of weeks later.

To "re-enrol", I will have to take another day off work, and travel at my own expense up to 80 miles (round trip) to be interrogated, fingerprinted and scanned AGAIN.

And you may actually have to be issued with (and pay for?) a new card every five years, not 10 - if they use Chip & PIN chips on 'em, than no-one's managed to make those last 10 years...


*IPS will claim 'anti-fraud', but to force everyone to attend in person is ridiculously disproportionate, when it could target those applications most likely to be fraudulent and call in any applicants that fit the criteria and a random sample of others.

I bet IPS could reduce fraud (which surely can't be running that high in any case - unless it's completely lost control, which wouldn't bode well for any new system...) by 75% or more, pulling in no more than 200,000 people per year. One big upside: the price of your passport wouldn't keep skyrocketing.

Either we are seeing incompetence on a monumental level, or a 'hidden' agenda. You decide - but universal interviews have nothing to do with "efficiency" or "international obligations", and very little to do with "anti-fraud measures".

Posted by Phil Booth on 2007-01-07 07:09:16.
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Man, what a drag this sounds. And I fear Phil is right.

Posted by William on 2007-01-21 16:37:32.
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