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  • help secure our borders and tackle illegal immigration: effective identity management will mean that only those entitled can live and work in the UK;

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One of the current problems with illegal workers is that there appears to be a lack of resources available to combat it.

Also, it seems to me that the focus of the IND changes from illegal immigrants to asylum seekers and vice versa, depending on how outraged the tabloids are about one or the other at the time.

I accept that 'effective identity management' might free up resources to be used elsewhere, but yet again the Government hasn't provided a cost-benefit analysis.

I have some notes on the security of our borders on
my blog - I hope you don't mind me linking to it.

Posted by TD on 2007-01-04 16:14:24. Link. Report abuse to Back to the main document list


If by "effective identity management", the Home Office means constant checking of everyone's ID, for pretty much everything, then it is conceivable that - at huge cost, and with a massive increase in bureaucracy - one *might* be able to spot those who don't have a card (or plausible fake).

But it doesn't mean this. And it won't be "effective".

What it will be is inconvenient for millions of law-abiding citizens - far more than those people who are already trying to keep a low profile – and it will exacerbate discrimination and make life far more unpleasant for anyone who ‘looks foreign’, as well as forcing all public sector staff (and private business, and the voluntary sector) to become de facto immigration officers.

If we're allowed to link from here, I urge you to visit NO2ID's website - - for more information.

Posted by Phil Booth on 2007-01-06 05:56:31.
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The ID will NOT stop terrorism, forget the fakes that will appear most of the 'terrorists' will have legitimate cards, so how is this going to stop them!

ID's were removed after the war following public outcry, now the government are trying to introduce them anyway they can, why? Even now they are compling a data base by the back door, anyone who is involved with the police can have their biometric information taken and they are fingerprinting our children in over 3,500 schools already see

Posted by L Corrin on 2007-01-19 03:03:33.
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