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7. There are close links between the action needed to protect personal information in Government and day to day management of the business of public service, and Departments are best placed to understand the nature and sensitivity of the particular information they hold. As a result, responsibility for ensuring that the necessary arrangements to protect data are in place must always primarily rest with individual Departments. Government must ensure that Departments exercise that responsibility within an appropriate legal and administrative framework, and support them in doing so, while recognising the differences in the challenges that they face.

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Hm. To an extent. But also

- Cab Off (and CESG) are responsible for some of the key policies that have got us into this mess - we're all in this together. One nitwit in one department loses trust for all of government. So you cant place each incident of this probelm solely inside one particular department. - but also people generally want the same things that government is trying to achieve, so setting government against people or assuming government has to "do everything to" people is starting on the wrong foot. Any picture of this landscape in which the customer does not loom large is a false and unhelpful one.

Posted by William on 2007-12-21 18:45:42.
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