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4. All Government Departments and agencies are currently involved in an intensive process of examining and improving where necessary their data handling arrangements. The scope of the review covers UK government Departments only, but the devolved administrations are being kept informed of work as it progresses. Given that data are often shared across boundaries, all the relevant administrations recognise the importance of working together on this issue, although it is for each to reach decisions on the detail of their own arrangements. Data Handling Procedures in Government: Interim Progress Report

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This needs some cort of preamble like "These episodes have rightly shocked people. If we're to be seen to get our house in order, we first of all relly and that means we must in reality actually get it in order. This may mean simply making sure that existing policies are followed, but we can't rule out the possibility it will require a more fundamental examination of whether our whole approach to handling personal data is inadequate or even misconceived. We have to approach this question in a spirit of humility and openness. If we pretend everything is basically ok and the events of the last four weeks have merely been several dozen isolated incidents we'll just annoy the tits off people" (i'm not _drafting_ there, mind)

Posted by William on 2007-12-21 18:29:23.
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Posted by William on 2007-12-21 18:33:52.
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